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Hi there 👋🏼,

Power up your online game!

I’m the Digital Assistant with social media, SEO, blogs, and E-Commerce magic!

Work with me and free up to work on your business rather than in your business.

Supercharge your online presence with a digital assistant and resources that are top tier in the Ecommerce game. I specialize in Ecommerce Business Management and Major Digital Marketing components. Everything Blogs, Content & Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management look no further. Not to forget product and vendor sourcing resources that will absolutely blow your mind

How I can help take you to new heights

Unleash the Power of Effective Online Strategies

My Story

Hey, I’m Betty and with lots of love I welcome you into my world. I am a business owner, the CEO and Creative Director of Mojo Chiq.

So back then when I started my business, I could have promised you that this was going to be a smooth sail. Well, it later dawned on me that, I had a good product and a nice website and that was all that was there to it. This clearly wasn’t enough for my business so, I challenged myself to skill up and learn whatever it took to take my business to greater heights. Having found a new love, not only for my business but now to what I know about Ecommerce, I kickstarted a career to virtually work with other businesses to achieve their success with the right strategies. To top it up I share this knowledge and other resources on my blog posts.

Where I’ve Worked

My Packages: Everything You Need to Take You to the Next Level

My packages are packed with powerful tools that will help you automate your tasks, streamline your workflow, and boost your productivity. With my tools, you'll be able to focus on what you do best, and let me take care of the rest.


Social Media Management


Digital Boost Package


Online Growth Package


Digital Domination


Let’s connect! Book a free discovery call with me to discuss how I can best help you and answer any questions you may have about outsourcing!

Your Questions?

Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who works from a remote location to provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients. They often work on their own and provide services to clients in a variety of businesses and specialties. VAs can help with a variety of activities such as social media administration, email management, bookkeeping, research, article development, and eCommerce management. They use technology and digital tools to collaborate with clients and efficiently deliver services. Clients can save time and resources, enhance productivity, and focus on other elements of their business by hiring a virtual assistant.

Why should I hire a virtual assistant to perform these tasks?

Hiring a virtual assistant that specializes in social media management, SEO, marketing, blog authoring, and WooCommerce shop management gives you access to expert knowledge and abilities in these areas. Outsourcing these digital activities to a professional saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on other important parts of your organization.

How does working together and communicating with your virtual assistant work?

We support the development of solid client relationships based on open communication and teamwork. We make sure you are involved in the process throughout our relationship, giving regular updates and asking for your advice to match our strategies with your vision for the online appearance of your company.

How can your virtual assistant services help my company in particular?

Our virtual assistant services are tailored to your specific requirements and objectives. We ensure that our strategies correspond with your business objectives by personalizing our approach, expanding your online presence, driving traffic, and ultimately improving your company’s performance in the digital landscape.

What is the significance of E-Commerce Shop Management for my online store?

E-Commerce Shop Management enables the efficient functioning of your E-Commerce-powered online store. It entails activities such as product listing, inventory management, order processing, and conversion optimization for your shop. Effective management of your E-Commerce store contributes to a more seamless shopping experience for your customers, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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